The beauty of Indian Art

The Beauty Of Indian Art

The true culture resides in the beauty of its Traditional Art.

Indian art and its mesmerizing beauty are widely famous across the world. In this era of modern & minimalist decors, Indian art still holds its importance. People use several Indian ways of paintings that make their surroundings appealing and also connect them back to their roots and traditions. 

Indians are always known for maintaining their cultural heritage & inculcating it to the next generation in different ways. One such is decorating their space with particular art styles which spruces the room and surroundings with different divine energies. 

Let’s explore few art styles which holds on to the core of our traditions 

  1. Madhubani art 

Madhubani being originated from Mithila is also known as Mithila art. The art beautifully depicts its mythological forms. It resembles its bond with the oldest of epics named Ramayana. It has been famous for its beautiful tale of a father’s love which provoked the artists to imagine and portray his purest of emotion for his daughter Sita on her wedding day. 

Madhubani is a perfect choice of bright colors and designs that will make your surrounding space look vibrant as well as add on some positive energies

2. Warli Art

Warli art is a form of indigenous art, which has its origin in folk styles. Warli paintings utilize linear and monochromatic hues and an elementary style of execution that resembles cave paintings. They use different geometric shapes which are symbolic of nature. These basic technique images are usually painted on walls of huts in villages. 

Warli art not only attracts the villagers but they also have been greatly appreciated by the aristocrats. Your sitting area can be traditionally designed by these art paintings and give a beautiful look to your space. 

3.Pichwai Art  

Pichwai paintings have strong connections with lord Krishna. It is a subtle communication of Krishna’s tales that gives insights into his life. This distinct devotional art practice has passed from one generation to another and a fine example of spirituality in art.

These paintings are usually found in Nathdwara or they are more preferred in Gujarat. Pichwai is colorful and has a typical sense of spirituality, which easily manifests traditional connections and their importance. 

Pichwai is one of the most trendy traditional art. 

4.Kalamkari  Paintings

Indian tradition is incomplete without kalamkari art and their paintings. The art holds its root in Andhra Pradesh and is beloved across the country. It hails from the sacred scenes of Mahabharat & Bhagavatam. These paintings are often used to decorate the backdrop of temples, the tree of life is one special element in the kalamkari art form. 

The integral part of Indian homes is their temples. Kalamkari art is one of the best choices within your temple decor and surrounding spaces. Kalamkari includes elements that connect heaven, earth, and the underworld which maintains the epitome of your house and the surroundings.

Indian homes are not just four walls but they are an integral part of an individual’s life. It is necessary to maintain your divine culture as well as showcase your character within the space. 

These are some handful yet intriguing art forms, which are usually suggested by professionals for home styling and decor.

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