Vishal Patel – Sun City Pride

The Brief: We were invited to develop a unique identity of every area and merge the client’s collection of designer furniture, fittings, and wall tilings into a charming and elegant apartment.

Some of the color schemes were clearly defined at the start of the project with a focus on a pallet of Blues, Copper, and Silver. The master bedroom was decored with a unique painting-on-painting concept. The subjective theme of seascape on petrol Blue hue designed to create a vast and soothing effect. Tiles geometry on wood in other bedroom merges with decor and vintage furniture collection.

Multilayered geometrical art of tree, colored with two distinctive hues – Silver and Copper on a backdrop of Black Jute allows individual pieces to stand out and create the perfect mood for dining gathering. Rothko’s painting on Canvas lobes in the living room gives a succinct outlook for elite family meetings. Abstract art in the corridor and huge metal timepiece provides a complete unique Identity of the client’s sophisticated lifestyle.

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We are an Interior Styling Studio in Rajkot – India, providing visually stunning and comprehensive art solutions to the residential and corporate office spaces.

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