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The Brief: Every home has a story. Some are theatrical, some are narrative, and some untold. We do a lot of detailing to understand the same. We believe that the styling of the home is none other than telling a good story in a better way.

A classic geometry of cubes made from pine wood in petrol blue and grey hue on an upper edge of the bed at master bedroom breaks the blanket view and brings a distinctive design view. Connect to fantasy is very essential for development of a child. We developed a real feel racing track providing magnetic support to the cars to race in son’s bedroom. Bridge, overlays, a junction of roads, everything was included in the track to make it live, entertaining, and learning.

Positive thoughts bring positive outlook at every stage of life. And it applies better with the growing mind. We developed an open page artifact with some immortal thoughts, all out of natural wood to style up daughter’s bedroom. Aesthetic appeal was developed with a Black and White theme. The nameplate was designed with very innovative resin work on the wood base.

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We are an Interior Styling Studio in Rajkot – India, providing visually stunning and comprehensive art solutions to the residential and corporate office spaces.

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